DaBooda 2D Engine v1.0 - Finished

4/19/2004 3:58:54 PM | Posted by: masterbooda | Post a comment
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This is a fully functional engine that uses DirectX 8.0.

It Features...
  •  Multiple Mapping Support
  •  Multiple Sprite Support and Control
  •  Sound Engine(Unlimited Buffers) with Directional Sound for True Stereo sound
  •  Music Player that supports both Midi and Mp3
  •  Direct Input that supports all Input... Including Joystick
  •  Many other fetures that help with map and sprite manipulation, such as sprite collision and referencing.
  •  Detailed HTML Help file that explains in detail every aspect and command of the engine.

Download this engine and have the ability to make a fully functional game without any other support.

Copyright © 2002 - 2004 Eric Coleman, Peter Kuchnio , et. al.
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