Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold

12/13/2004 7:39:10 AM | Posted by: Matt_Giuca | 8 comments
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This text-based RPG from the makers of Rul'Shath: The Isle of Blood, sports a full roleplaying system, complete with inventory, character classes, twenty-five unique spells, hireable companions, turn-based/decision-based combat, and a stat-based character system. Also includes the complete manual and strategy guide you've come to expect from Summit. Journey through fifteen dungeon levels, or out into the wilderness as you battle fifty unique monster types and bosses.

Are you brave enough to take on the mighty Dragon Snorlack, and claim his treasure, or will you let the land of Tar'Nethyr fall to the darkness...?

After over four years in development, Snorlack's Treasure is finally fully balanced and complete, with no known bugs and a good balance of easy/hard throughout the game. What are you waiting for?
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