Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold - Matt_Giuca (8 replies, 2411 views) (2004-Dec-13)
This text-based RPG from the makers of [url=""]Rul'Shath: The Isle of Blood[/url], sports a full roleplaying system, complete with inventory, character classes, twenty-five unique spells, hireable companions, turn-based/decision-based combat, and a stat-based character system. Also includes the complete manual and strategy guide you've come to expect from Summit. Journey through fifteen dungeon levels, or out into the wilderness as you battle fifty unique monster types and bosses. Are you brave enough to take on the mighty Dragon Snorlack, and claim his treasure, or will you let the land of Tar'Nethyr fall to the darkness...? After over four years in development, Snorlack's Treasure is finally fully balanced and complete, with no known bugs and a good balance of easy/hard throughout the game. What are you waiting for? [url=""]Download it![/url]

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Re: Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2004-Dec-13)
For those that download the game and think something isn't working, the game is the little window. You have to press Enter to go the next page.
Re: Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold -  mack (2 replies) (2004-Dec-23)
Those graphics are the best MS paint graphics I have ever seen in my life. Congradulations for making the ugliest graphics ever!

By the way, I didn't download it (and I won't) but I have to admit those graphics gave me a good laugh tonight.

Good luck in the future.
Re: Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold -  Sion (1 reply) (2004-Dec-24)
Mack, do you also complain about bad graphics when you are playing text adventures and MUDs?
Maybe you are missing some interesting gameplay because you don't like the graphics. After all, graphics are just icing on the cake Image

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! Image
Re: Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold -  Lachlan87 (0 replies) (2004-Dec-24)
This is a text-based RPG. . . how can the graphics be bad? I thought it didn't have any.
Re: Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold -  mack (0 replies) (2004-Dec-26)
Well, I appologize but I don't play text games. Probably because they are boring... I was referring to the graphics here:
Re: Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold -  mack (0 replies) (2004-Dec-26)
OK, I just downloaded this game "Rul'Shath", all I can say is lol. How old are the programmers of this game?
Re: Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold -  Matt_Giuca (0 replies) (2005-Jan-1)
Hi all, thanks to everyone who played my games.
Mack - if you had paid money for this game then I think your complaints would be warranted. Although I personally go for a good game with good gamplay over the graphics, unfortunately, you are right.
Its sad that so many people will turn down both of these games and just so so many others simply because the graphics are bad/nonexistant. I won't mind if you tell me that the gameplay itself is boring, or repetitive or whatever. But to say "this game is boring because it doesn't have dynamic shadows" is quite immature.
>How old are the programmers of this game?
Old enough to appreciate games that were around BEFORE the world got hooked on graphics.
Old enough to play a game before publically slanging it based on screenshots.
Old enough (and experienced enough) to know how much effort goes into making even games like this.
I'd like to thank Sion and Lachlan for their comments (the latter of whom has offered very helpful constructive criticizm in the past - by the way Lachlan your suggestions have been added to Rul'Shath, they worked very well, but the latest version has not been released yet). Seasons greetings to everyone, and I hope some of you will be able to get some enjoyment out of these games.
Re: Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold -  Matt_Giuca (0 replies) (2005-Jan-26)
For further discussion, I've just put up my new forums:
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