Dark Realms v0.82 Released!

2/16/2003 11:14:30 PM | Posted by: The Hawk | Post a comment
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Dark Realms v0.82 is now uploaded! Massive improvement, not to mention the new resource pack that brags 113 animated NPCs and a tileset that COULD handle 2500 tiles (If someone drew them)! The screenshots provided show some of the new Dark Realms. The option to view your NPCs and proof that Dark Realms can handle roughly 30 animated NPCs in the players view (The player is the dragon)! (It is scripted to have no limits, but for some reason it gives errors when you get around 50)

You HAVE to download Dark Realms, especially since I have made it so easy compared to the old way. The resource pack still needs to be extracted into your Dark Realms folder, but the Exe itself and all the depency files will be installed by the setup program bundled in the Dark Realms Exe download zip :)
I need testers to help me inprove this game, download it and let me know what you think about it!
screenshot screenshot

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