Dark Realms v0.82 Released! - The Hawk (6 replies, 1087 views) (2003-Feb-16)
Dark Realms v0.82 is now uploaded! Massive improvement, not to mention the new resource pack that brags 113 animated NPCs and a tileset that COULD handle 2500 tiles (If someone drew them)! The screenshots provided show some of the new Dark Realms. The option to view your NPCs and proof that Dark Realms can handle roughly 30 animated NPCs in the players view (The player is the dragon)! (It is scripted to have no limits, but for some reason it gives errors when you get around 50) You HAVE to download Dark Realms, especially since I have made it so easy compared to the old way. The resource pack still needs to be extracted into your Dark Realms folder, but the Exe itself and all the depency files will be installed by the setup program bundled in the Dark Realms Exe download zip :) I need testers to help me inprove this game, download it and let me know what you think about it!

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Re: Dark Realms v0.82 Released! - Chris/cdfbr (0 replies) (2003-Feb-17)
another game useing the Ore engine heh
Re: Dark Realms v0.82 Released! -  The Hawk (0 replies) (2003-Feb-17)
No way, this game was TOTALLY made by myself... please don't try to belittle my accomplishments :( lol, it has taken me a while to get it functioning the way I like, now I am working on a preloader for levels so they take less time to load :)
Re: Dark Realms v0.82 Released! - Simon A (0 replies) (2003-Feb-19)
Nice rip of the final fantasy 3 (6 usa?) music for the intro ;) Nice work on the game though.
Re: Dark Realms v0.82 Released! -  The Hawk (0 replies) (2003-Feb-19)
Hehe, yep :) I ripped all the music and gfx from other games, the NPCs I had to use the Sprite Editor to convert to Dark Realms format... but the music is mainly FF 8-)
Re: Dark Realms v0.82 Released! - Chris/cdfbr (0 replies) (2003-Feb-21)
Hey sorry man looked like the same old ore screen setup btw you done a nice just i looks really nice just like my game past visions i downloaded it and tried it after the wizard gives you thoes 2 jobs what do you do after that? i looked all over and couldnt find nothing
Re: Dark Realms v0.82 Released! -  The Hawk (0 replies) (2003-Feb-24)
LoL, no prob man... You are just the first to think it was an ORE engine game :) As for wizard's jobs, you can't finish them :-D I haven't finished making the realm yet as I am VERY busy adding new features (ideas are literally falling from the sky, and from my testers) but soon I will try to finish the quests... I have uploaded the next version which has MAJOR speed increase in the level creator and in-game level-loading. It also has a cool new addition to the event creator called a prompt, it can either give the player choices or a custom answer bar :)

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