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Summer of Express Contest

8/2/2004 4:33:28 PM | Posted by: Eric Coleman | 8 comments
From the channel 9 web site ...
This summer, why not put your coding skills and creativity to good use for a chance to win an Xbox with Xbox Live subscription and Halo 2!* That's right, we're giving away six Xboxes each with an Xbox live kit that includes a one year subscription and a copy of the soon-to-be-released, Halo 2. The Summer of Express contest is a worldwide skill contest where developers are challenged to create "non-business" applications using the newly announced Express products. The Express products are lightweight, easy to use, easy to learn tools for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students who want to build dynamic Windows applications and Web sites.

Express is all about having fun and we sure hope you do.
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XML/INI Article at Atomic Monks

7/7/2004 11:24:49 AM | Posted by: Brother Erryn | Post a comment
I've put up a new article on XML files for application settings in VB.NET as an alternative to the INI files commonly used in VB6. The article offers a complete class wrapped up with GetSetting and SaveSetting methods, using the xmlDocument object.
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S+F Software Weekly Q+A

7/4/2004 2:13:03 AM | Posted by: S. Thompson | Post a comment
I am planning a new weekly feature (at least for the summer depending on popularity) on S+F Software's web site. Basically I want everyone to throw any questions they have about anything (from game development to game design to game playing) and then I will answer several weekly. With the recent popularity of Inhabitants on the Sega Dreamcast and the pending releases of several new freeware titles for PC, I thought this would be a good way to let people learn whatever they want.
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Butterfly Hunter - Mother of DreamQuest

6/23/2004 4:09:20 AM | Posted by: Vampire | Post a comment
Butterfly Hunter is the first game I've ever finished; and it is the mother of Universal Hunter and DreamQuest. This is not using DirectX for only simple image blitting and Windows sound playing. In a few minutes you can reach the end of it, so it is good if you have a few free minutes to play. Have fun!
Butterfly HunterSee screenshots on the page.
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Loradon 2.0 released!

6/21/2004 5:42:18 PM | Posted by: GoodVillain | 10 comments
Loradon 2d 2.0 was released today. The new version contains more maps (Eastern Malridge and Western Malridge), skills (fishing and cooking), monsters, items, weather effects, in game special effects, and more. Check it out at
Dont forget to visit the 3d section and test out the new 3d version.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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Noor 3D-2D Engine Ver[0.04]

6/19/2004 8:34:42 PM | Posted by: game_maker | Post a comment
Noor Engine is based on DirectX8.1. It comes with 16 examples and 3 programs to help you work with the engine. The examples are seperate downloads from the engine.
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Meteor Impact completed

6/17/2004 7:33:33 AM | Posted by: Sion | Post a comment
Meteor Impact is an arcade-like 2D game where you must destroy meteors before the hit Earth. It is freeware.

  • Simple and straight-forward gameplay
  • 16 different powerups
  • 10 levels ranging from easy to nearly impossible
  • Clean high quality graphics with many special effects
  • Old-school Commodore 64 music

Visit Meteor Impact website
Download Meteor Impact [4MB]

The game uses Paul Berlins PGE game engine, which can be found here
It's my first game and the gameplay could prehabs be more fun, but hey - you live and you learn, right? Please leave a comment or your opinion of the game in the forum.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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Star Cars - Second Alpha Demo

6/14/2004 5:51:51 PM | Posted by: Peachysoft | Post a comment
Peachysoft has just released the second demo of their up and coming shareware game StarCars. The game is modeled on an old time favoriate called SkyRoads by BlueMoon interactive. Peachysofts version however, is not just a remake but a moddifed new game.

Added to this version:
  • Moving Platforms
  • Stars to collect
  • Ramps
  • SFX
  • Bounce Pads
  • Turbo Pads

If anyone is willing to test out this alpha version. Please send me an email telling me what you think about the game and you will recieve a free version of the full game when it comes out. (Please include system specs) But you have to send me an email, so I can put you on my list.

There isn't too much to do before the game goes into Beta. A pregame GUI and a fastest times table is about all there is - as well as creating many many more levels of course.

Note: The SFX are a bit grimey - They will be replaced in the beta, they are just fillers for the moment.

So please download and enjoy. Oh - one final note: It is important (because of the way I have programed the game) that you get a constant 25fps - if you get under this amount please, I will need to know what your system specs are.

Programmed in Visual Basic 6.0 with DirectX 8.0
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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DreamQuest 02

6/14/2004 12:07:22 AM | Posted by: Vampire | 11 comments
Finally the second alpha version is ready for download and... play. It has many more features and levels, and a mission (help Dragg to return home) with 2 solutions.
Just try it out and... send me feedback. What sould I make it better and more fun with?
And of course, I could use a little help with the graphics. Alone is going VERY slow.

DreamQuest 02 alpha
Screenshots in a few days!
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DaBooda Turbo 2DEngine v1.3 Demo

6/13/2004 12:01:22 PM | Posted by: masterbooda | Post a comment
I decided to create another demo, showing off the features of the engine. Please download the following file and run it. You do not need the DLL for the demo is self contained...

This demo isn't interactive like the previous one, it is more of a presentation. Please run it, and give your opinion on the engine. I am trying to get a feel for how the engine is coming along so far.

Also if you are interested in the engine or wish to become a contributor, please feel free to visit the DaBooda Turbo Project Site. There you will find more information on the Engine, as well as Tutorials, HelpFile, and the .DLL. This engine is and will always remain freeware.

I thank you in advance for the support and your opinions.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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DX9Tools Release 5 is now availible!

6/8/2004 10:43:49 PM | Posted by: cbx | 1 comment
Contains the DX9Tools installer which includes Source code, compiled assembly, Documentation, and example apps.

The DX9ToolsR5 helper library is not meant to be another SDK that sits on top of DirectX 9. It is designed to function similarly to the D3DX classes, and provide a more robust and more easier/faster way to work with DirectX 9. Basically DX9Tools aims to simplify DirectX 9 where simplification is necessary. The Camera object is an example of this.
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A 3D Program - Straight 3d, no DirectX

6/3/2004 6:03:00 PM | Posted by: masterbooda | Post a comment
I was again digging through some of my old stuff, and stumbled across this little program. Now keep in mind this was made before Direct3D really took off, and it is straight GDI and math. I would suggest this program for anybody interested in Programming 3D and matrix math. This program does everything in VB with no external routines or librarys(except GDI for the polygon fill), it is a must for the 3D enthusiast, it will show a lot of what Direct3D hides.

The source code can be downloaded from Instructions for use is at the begining of the code.

Enjoy and I hope somebody can learn something from this.
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RPG Battle Calculator v1.1

5/31/2004 12:53:01 AM | Posted by: masterbooda | Post a comment
I was digging through some of my old stuff, and dug this up.

I originally developed it to help me determine enemy stats, in an rpg I was making, but found out it was fun for me and my brotherinlaw to battle each other with it. So I gave it some graphics.

I figured I would post it here, just in case anybody was interested in programming a simple turnbased battle system. It actually calculates excellent hits, as well as double damage hits. It is a good starting point for a new programmer who wishes to make their own rpg. at least its a starting point.

Here is the download link:
I hope this can help somebody, or at least provide a little enterntainment.
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World Build update

5/30/2004 4:45:48 AM | Posted by: messix | 9 comments
Just a quick post to tell you all that World Build has had some significant updates to it. The new version is on the website so please, if you get the chance, download it and have a look at it and please leave any feedback that you can.

For those of you that couldn't run it before that'll still be the case as I haven't changed anything as far as the hardware requirements go (that'll come real soon though, so stay tuned!!).
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New MineSweeper

5/27/2004 11:24:54 AM | Posted by: Martoeng | Post a comment
A new MineSweeper version is out there. It has a fully functional GUI, easy to understand routines, sound, self defined areas and it's totally free.

The comments are in german, but the code is understandable for everybody.

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Videogame Layer 1.3

5/22/2004 4:38:01 PM | Posted by: hotrodx | 12 comments
Videogame Layer (VGL) has been updated to version 1.3. Improvements include windowed mode and limited support to 256 color mode (and palettes). So far, only the modified Super Mario VGL utilizes these features.

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Asteroidia! - DXGame Engine Shareware

5/18/2004 3:04:21 PM | Posted by: dxgame | Post a comment
Asteroidia is a shareware game designed with the Direct Draw DirectX 7 version of the DXGame Engine available for Visual Basic 6. The game is shareware, but the developer has allowed the user to play to level 20 of the game before the trial expires.

It's fun just to kick back and watch the demo screens. :)

From the developer:

"Rock on with this 2D retro shoot-em-up! Asteroidia features fast paced action with colorfull graphics and explosive sound. Enhancements and 2 modes of play, make this classic more fun then ever! 60 levels of high octane arcade blasting fun you'll want to come back for a "quick fix" over and over again!"

DirectX 7
4mb Video Card
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes Installed

Click on the website button to download it.
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DaBooda 2dEngine Turbo is complete...

5/18/2004 11:50:55 AM | Posted by: masterbooda | Post a comment
I have finally finished the Turbo Edition of my 2D engine. and have doubled the speed of v1.0, as well as added many new features.

But I need some help, all I need is for people to download the following file.


This program basically is a fps test and displays some of the abilities of the engine.

What I need is you guys to run it, and all I need to know is your system specs and how many sprites you managed to add before dropping below 60fps. Also if it doesn't work for you, please still give me your specs and the error.

Also, just hit F1 during the program to bring up the help menu.

You can download a help file from here. It details features and commands of the engine.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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Axis: Blitzkreig to hell

5/17/2004 10:08:22 PM | Posted by: Fernando, L. | Post a comment
Well, hello everybody and thank you for taking your time to read this news article, I would just like to inform you all RPG lovers and WWII lovers that I'm making an MMORPG based on WWII with the axis forces facing the allied forces, or the allied forces facing the axis forces... it all depends on what side you go on when you create a user xD... Well this game is using an ORE050 engine at the moment but we are still making our own engine, but we still have to wait like 4 weeks in order for that Engine to be done... Our game will need some staff so please, If you are a good programmer with VB or a webdeveloper, or a good graphics person, please send me an e-mail at =) so please e-mail me, and only add me to MSN ONLY if you really have to talk for a long time with answers fast about being in the staff(thats for people who arent patient)...

Here is the graphic of the CURRENT axis soldier:
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Upcomming Land of Moria - Alpha

5/12/2004 8:06:42 PM | Posted by: Patrick Hankinson | Post a comment
Hello Online RPG Fans,

I am proud to announce the upcoming of Alpha prototype of Land of Moria. Land of Moria is an online RPG looking for additional staff, including 2D Artist, 3D Artist, and Story Composer. The Alpha Prototype is scheduled for early next week. If you wish to receive our newsletter including the first newsletter with the release, you can sign up here:
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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