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We are finished. The last thing we have to do is compiling the component.


Choose the compile option "Win 32 - Release MinSize" and compile your program (menu: Build->Build MyLib.dll) The VC++ compiler will build your component and register it, so it is ready to use.

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Tutorial Console

Tutorial by:

Torsten Damberg

Date: 2000 May 11


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by: Soulmartyr

I'm not sure about anyone else, but in VB 2005 Express Edition, things seem to run just as fast as VC++ when you compile them and run the stand-alone.

Is anyone else seeing this? I made two different .DLL libraries, one in VB2k5, one in VC++. The method in the libraries did a calculation of the SIN(30) *2 in a for-next loop for five-thousand repitions. I saw an average difference of .0000002 seconds in running the two different versions. I used QueryPerformanceCounter to time everything.

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