NemoX 3D Engine Release 1.085 is out - NemoX Engine 1.085 (2 replies, 16 views) (2004-Aug-22)
A new "NemoX Engine" is finaly out. This 1.085 version has a bunch of new features and is faster than ever with the latest 3D Devices. Some very interesting features:
  • Environment mapping
  • Render to textures
  • Cube mapping
  • Bounding box visibility culling
  • Bezier surfaces
  • An accurate 2D graphic system
  • Quake 3 BSP support with lightmaps, shaders, curves, PVS, and sliding collision
  • Progressive meshes
  • New Terrain system Faster than ever
  • Unified Collision system with sliding response for 2D and 3D All the aspect of NemoX Engine are covered by 51 tutorials included in the NemoX 1.085 SDK. More information ,tutorials,sources code and downloads can be found at Engine project Web site. Check it out at: [url=""] NemoX Engine Web Site [/url]

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Re: NemoX 3D Engine Release 1.085 is out -  Sion (0 replies) (2004-Aug-26)
The engine is looking superb - as well as the previous versions of it! And it's an impressive list of features that are included in this new version. The 51 (!) tutorials make sure that nothing is left unexplained - great work! I know that it can be used in Visual Basic, but is it actually made with Visual Basic, or is it just COM-based and made in C++? In any case, thank you very much for sharing. I guess that a 1.96 MB DLL-file most have been a lot of hard work to create!
Re: NemoX 3D Engine Release 1.085 is out - Polaris (0 replies) (2004-Aug-27)
Some comments about NemoX NemoX is an ActiveX DLL that is programmed in visual basic and DirectX 8.1. as a standard COM DLL it can be used in any COM-capable language like VB5,VB6,DELPHI,VB.NET,C#,Java.Net ect... For this moment the tutorials are written in VB and VB.Net and C#. But they can be adapted in Delphi. Last comment there is a portion of NemoX that is in fact written in C++ mostly for speed issue and mathematical precision. But this represents only 15%-20 % of the engine code.

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