New version of PGE is out - Pab (6 replies, 2450 views) (2004-Aug-25)
A new version of the Visual Basic 6, 2D DirectX8 engine, PGE is out. New in PGE 1.1a:
  •  Some minor and major bugfixes.
  •  Some minor new features has been added.
  •  Example programs to help you get started. Find it at [url][/url].

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Re: New version of PGE is out -  Sion (1 reply) (2004-Aug-26)
Great to see that work is still being done on this engine. I had the honour of getting to know this engine very well while making Meteor Impact and it has countless great features. For everyone making a 2D game or have any interess in game engine architechture, this engine is defiantly worth a look. And if we are to believe Pab (who made the engine) a C++ version of the engine is in the works. However, the engines Progress-O-Meter has been stuck at 80% for quite a long time now, so it may not be availiable any time soon. :( Pab, have you made any changes/improvements in your Tile- and/or Sound-tools? These tools have truely great potential, but I ran into too many problems while trying to use them for my game, so I decided not to use them. Also, thanks for linking to my game, but could you please use [url=""]this link[/url] instead? It would probably aviod some confuses, seeing that my site is (mainly) in danish, and that people could have a hard time finding their way aroudn it :P Good to see that you've not completely disapeared from the game development scene Pab!
Re: New version of PGE is out -  Pab (0 replies) (2004-Aug-26)
Yes, I have fixed a bug in PgeTiles which messed up your compiled file so it didn't actually work with PGE. The progress on PGE+ (the C++ version of PGE) is going slow as I am rewriting some things and also due to the changes in the summer 2004 update of DirectX 9. I have changed the link, and thanks for your kind comments :)
Re: New version of PGE is out -  Sion (0 replies) (2004-Aug-26)
Forgot to say that it's some really good examples that you have included. They probably lowers the learning barrier very much. Nothing teaches as good as having a working example and experimenting with modifing it, so it's a fantastic idea!
Re: New version of PGE is out - Steve (1 reply) (2004-Sep-1)
that article is anchent.
Re: New version of PGE is out -  Lachlan87 (0 replies) (2004-Sep-2)
Uhhhh, aren't you referring to the Doom article?
made a game in visual basic - sana ullah (0 replies) (2004-Sep-8)
AA i am sana ullah from pakistan i wanted to made a game in visual basic . what are you help me? thanks to you from sana ullah

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