Re: Adventures of Lolo - PointOfLight (0 replies, 670 views) (2005-May-10)
Masterbooda, I really hope you're not fleeing the scene because of this.  Frankly, I find it amuzing when a bunch of non-lawyers get together and talk legal stuff.  I've been following the mod / emulation / remake / clone scene for a long time, and I still don't strictly understand what's legal and what's not.  The truth is, as long as you're not trying to make money off of it, why worry about it unless the developers of the original come back and tell you to stop it?  Trust me, if they really care, they will.  Someone already pointed out Nintendo, and Hasbro is another great example of this.  There are other companies, such as Sierra (not Vivendi, mind you) and LucasArts who potentially support and encourage this behavior as long as it doesn't infringe on any currently marketable material of theirs.

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