DirectX = crap, OpenGL = decent? Phalen (3 replies, 0 views) (2001-Jul-3)
Man, DirectX is pathetic for gaming in windowed mode, sheesh , I expected somthing semi-decent, but so far, DirectX = junk.. Maybe someone has a OpenGL engine in VB floating around? for 2D? Maybe it'll actually go faster then 1fps.. For those of you interested, here is the url for the results of the windowed mode

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Re: DirectX = crap, OpenGL = decent? Rockwilder (0 replies) (2001-Jul-4)
Re: DirectX = crap, OpenGL = decent? Rockwilder (1 reply) (2001-Jul-4)
ugh? W-Buffer (0 replies) (2001-Jul-5)

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