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"This list is better than our games?" <I>Did I say this? I said they were also high-quality games. DDCK is currently on some top-download lists, has been put on cd-cover cd's, etc.</I> "Have you ever even tried out any of our games, Almar?" <I>No.</I> "Most on your list are mediocre space shooter games that have been in development for *years* (just like VBGH said in their current editorial page)." <I>If there's one thing about VBGH that you shouldn't do, is think it's serious. See: (also by me)</I> <I>Quadrant Wars is in theory, finished. But I want to add some special things like the remote administration. I could finish the entire game in less than a week, if I wanted to. But I lack the time because of school</I> "Quadrantwars" has been in development for 3 years!?, and still looks like a somewhat pretty space shoot-em-up. " <I>Yes. First it was 3D, then I started with DD, and now 5D using DG. The multiplayer coding was thetoughest of all. I didn't knew anything of it when I started, and if I knew how tough it would be I would have never started on QW.</I> I'm happy with the knowledge I have now, it was worth the time. "If all of you agree "Galaxy" or "Quadrantwars" (made by the poster Almar Joling I noticed)" <I>Everyone in the VB community knows Quadrant Wars is made by me.</I> "are better games than any of ours" <I>you have never played Quadrant Wars.</I> "Oh I see they have traits in common; free and perpetually unfinished. I think I understand now." <IMG SRC=""> Almar

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