Some l33t VB advice needed Soop (2 replies, 2 views) (2001-Dec-18)
* NON FUNNY, NON PAUL LENDRUM POST * Ok, my job apart from maintaining the atrosity known as paul lendrum is in web/intranet stuff. Most of my work is very basic sorta stuff however for some reason my company insists on using the PDF format for a lot of its documents. If you have had an experience with the PDF format you will know it aint the fastest thing around. Converting these little gems of "supar l33t high tech file formats" is well very slow, especially on the p166 something I work on here (ugh). Most of my documents are in word format that need converting and it takes forever printing them through the adobe distiller from word. So, I figured I could try writing a program in vb to automate the process. ie : put all doc files in one folder and then access word automatically, open it, convert to pdf, close word and move on to the next document. This way instead of actually doing things at work I could take the time to enjoy my favourite milk beverage and look at pictures of almars magnificent hair. I looked on the web for some code to help and found some that kinda does what I want. I tried putting it together in a format that was more useful to me then I realised.. I suck at vb. So, my plea is if anyone could take some time to help me out and get this simple little program in order, I pretty much have all the pdf conversation stuff down its just little bits here and there that I need help with to put it together. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated and I shall have your manbabies. ** NON FUNNY, NON PAUL LENDRUM POST **

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