PHP Site goes live tonight ! (Some time) Adam Hoult (6 replies, 0 views) (2000-Apr-8)
Yes it's true people, Beta 1 of the new PHP site goes live tonight =) WOOHOO, with a fresh batch of news ("finally!" i hear you all gasp in shock). Now, just to forewarn you, searching does not work yet (although I may have it working by the time i upload it), and the games list php is not quite finished, but i wanted to get the main body of the site up and running today if possible and give it a trial run. Remember that the site hasn't really changed much, apart from the ease of updating =) And the more frequent updating of the content itself. (Oh and archives dont work yet either, you can only see a certain number of the most recent items), but thats almost finished too, so maybe it will be in tonights update =) P.S LOTR Preview ROCKS !!! When im not PHPing i shall be watching it hehe. Im gonna go into a coma now, somebody wake me when lotr comes out please =) Adam

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Its out. Peter (1 reply) (2000-Apr-8)
ha ha, very funny =) *nt Adam Hoult (0 replies) (2000-Apr-8)
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RE: Woo hoo! Adam Hoult (0 replies) (2000-Apr-8)
OoOOOps ! Adam Hoult (1 reply) (2000-Apr-8)
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