Re: High quality Strategy pure VB! Stormcloud Creations (6 replies, 0 views) (2001-Sep-26)
This list is better than our games? Have you ever even tried out any of our games, Almar? Most on your list are mediocre space shooter games that have been in development for *years* (just like VBGH said in their current editorial page). Oh I see they have traits in common; free and perpetually unfinished. I think I understand now. Don't get me wrong; I love VB, both as a development tool and as a game making tool. But folks; "Galaxy" hasn't been updated in almost a year, and is basically just an slightly slicked-up Asteroids-type. "Quadrantwars" has been in development for 3 years!?, and still looks like a somewhat pretty space shoot-em-up. If all of you agree "Galaxy" or "Quadrantwars" (made by the poster Almar Joling I noticed) are better games than any of ours, than there isn't much left I can really say, besides the fact that over 1,000 *paying* customers of mine disagree. Oh well....good gaming and I apologize to this group if I offended anyone. Derek Stormcloud Creations

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