XNA is coming to Visual Basic!

5/4/2011 | Posted by: cbx | Post a comment
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On March 27, 2011 Lisa Feigenbaum Community Program Manager for the Visual Studio Professional team, which includes the Visual Studio IDE and Managed Languages (Visual C#, Visual Basic, Visual F#) made a blog post stating XNA is coming to VB.NET.

The official announcement was made by senior director Dave Mendlen at the 2011 DevConnections conference.

Making available to XNA programmers comes as part of Microsoft's co-evolution strategy to provide equal access to Microsoft technologies for both C# and Visual Basic developers.
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BMSP 1.28 source released!

6/23/2008 | Posted by: timbo152k | Post a comment
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The award winning open source one-vs-one combat game [i]BotMatch - Secondary Protocol[/i] has an updated release on Planet Source Code.

See link here:

The list of new features is so extensive it's almost like a completely different game than in 2003! Most notably is the new (in beta) MatchFinder feature which acts like an online lobby for finding and connecting with other players to play online against!
The game now includes expansive roamable maps complete with moving obstacles / objects to take cover behind, new graphical enhancements (scorch decals, particle effects, etc.) and lots of engine optimizations. It still has minimal system requirements (133MHz running Windows98 or 200MHz running XP) but will play like a champ on the latest and greatest hardware as well.
The download weighs in at a little under 1MB, so check it out!
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Prodigious escapee is free now

12/13/2006 | Posted by: mita27 | Post a comment
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Attention ! The prodigious escapee (made in VB6) has been converted to freeware following 2 years in shareware game market .

The Prodigious Escapee is a non-violent ,fun, free & exciting puzzle game with 80 levels, a happy & cute theme music, and a level editor. The objective is to use available objects such as rocket, bomb, reflectors, launchers) to clear your way to the exit. A level editor, available in full version, allows players to create their own puzzle and share with friends.

Have fun !
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vbGORE 0.2.1

12/7/2006 | Posted by: Spodi | Post a comment
-> Website
Downloads Page]
Screenshots Page]

vbGORE, Visual Basic Online RPG Engine, is a powerful 2d rpg game engine designed for those who really want to create a commercial game. It requires a bit of time to learn about all there is to it, it isn't as simple as some other engines due to what it has to offer, but is very fast and flexible.

vbGORE offers a very powerful networking system that is sure to allow even the weak home connections to support plenty of users. There is also a fast and powerful graphics engine that allows multiple graphical layers, lighting, particle engine, weather, paperdolling, custom GUIs, and much more.

Most of the features in vbGORE, too, are easy to ignore or remove or wont bog down the engine, making it so you don't have to spend days just removing code that you don't want to use.

Finally, vbGORE uses MySQL on the server to store most all the data, allowing for very easy modification and the ability to access and display the information remotely.

Theres a lot to the engine, so you'll just have to check it out! :D
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DXGame Engine Status

11/19/2006 | Posted by: DXGame | 1 comment
-> Website
I've had a few emails the past month or so asking about the status of the DXGame Engine. Here's a quick update for those interested, DXG is very much alive!

Along with the server attacks the past few months (and lately an incredible amount of email spam), there has been both highs and lows in my life lately.

On the business end, there has been several negotiations with several publishers for up and coming projects, most have failed to deliver due to myself not wanting to give away the kitchen sink. ;) Plus the passing of me mum was a real shock as well.

Things are sslloowwllyy springing back to life on the DXG front. New source examples for the latest engine, an incredible DXG Game Scripting Language (designed by a 3rd party) , new forum, new games, etc, are all in the pipline. DXG for VB6 will stay FREE, the forum will stay FREE, (contrary to previous comments). Rock on......
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"Gem Raider" Released

11/7/2006 | Posted by: Brykovian | 2 comments
-> Website
"Gem Raider" is an action/arcade game with a touch of a puzzle element. Turn on all 4 switches in a Sector without being destroyed by mutant gems. Destroy the mutant gems and protect the white diamonds to maximize your score.

The game (the grown up version of "Gem Runner" from the DXGame Programming Contest earlier this year) was written using VB6 and the DXGame 2D engine.

There is a free demo of the game available for download.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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Eternal Caves Saga Released as freeware

8/9/2006 | Posted by: Zahn Software | 2 comments
-> Website
Eternal Caves is an adventure game that involves looking for keys, doors, removing roadblocks, destroying enemies and finding the exit door. It's a nice maze-like game with lots of levels. The first and second edition are available for download.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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vbGORE 0.0.1 Released

7/23/2006 | Posted by: Spodi | 2 comments
-> Website
I have been working on my vbGORE engine for quite a while now, and have finally got to the point where I am comfortable releasing the first version. A list of all the features can be found here and all the screenshots here.

vbGORE is an Online RPG engine designed for performance and optimization rather then ease-of-use like most all the ORPG engines out in Visual Basic. It includes many things you will not find in most all other VB ORPG engines such as byte array packet sending/handling with Winsock API, complete DirectX 8 interface, in-game mailing and much more. This project is far from finished, but is far enough to do most of the basic to intermediate Online RPG functions such as walk, talk, cast spells, fight NPCs, buy/equipt items, raise stats, etc.
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DXGame Engine News

6/19/2006 | Posted by: DXGame | 2 comments
-> Website
The DXGame Engine (2D Game Engine For VB6) continues to mature in both power and ease of use, thanks mainly to the forum users who provide feedback and excellent suggestions.

The following games are 100% coded in VB6 using the DXGame Engine:

  • Gem Runner - Brykovian
An action/arcade game with a puzzle element. Turn on switches to stop mutant gems from taking over their high-tech vault. Freeware. This game won 1st place in a recent DXG coding contest.

  • Dragon Orbs - Alternate Reality Studios
An exciting fast paced action/puzzle game, where the object is to match 3 or more orbs of the same color. Shareware.

  • RetroBlast - JGOware
Retro shooting game, where Robotron meets Geometry Wars. Shareware.

  • Crystal Mountian Balls - Rock Bottom Development
Top down action shooter. Tons of stuff to shoot at and blow up! This game won 2nd place in a recent DXG coding contest. Freeware.

  • Roidulous - JGOware
Shoot asteroids. Shoot ships. Repeat as needed. Shareware.

  • Platform Shooter Demo
A good example of scrolling maps and animated sprites. Freeware.

  • FireWorks
All the sights and sounds of an outdoor Fireworks show! Freeware.

About The DXGame Engine:
The DXGame Engine is a 100% free to use 2D game engine toolkit for use with DirectX 8 and VB6. You can learn more about the DXGame Engine and it's features by visiting the website. There is an active forum available where hundreds of developers are experimenting with the DXGame Engine and it's features.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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Old Visual Basic code repository

6/13/2006 | Posted by: Almar | 3 comments
-> Website
Hi everyone,

Recently I was sorting out my harddrive and found my reasonably sized collection of old source code. I whipped up a simple page which allows you to download them.

There's about 100 files, nearly all about game programming with Visual Basic. Some true classics out there like the first VB 'RTS' called "Jump Point Ion", and the old Truevision7 and 8 engine source!

VB Code repository

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